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Dry core bits are ideal when drilling holes in lightweight concrete, brick, block, and other masonry type of material. The tubes on the diamond bits are slotted to aid in both cooling of the core bits and removal of the cuttings. And the segments are laser welded for durability and long life. For years we have been offering the best dry core bits around.
We guarantee that our line of dry core bits will exceed your expectations or your money back period! Have questions? Go to our contact page and drop us a note!

Supreme Dry Core Bit
Supreme Dry Core Bit
The Supreme Dry Core Bit is designed for Brick, Block, & Concrete. It will out perform any other dry bit on the market.
$96.00 - $338.00
Dry Core Bit
Zig-Zag Turbo Dry Core Bit

Our dry diamond core bits feature turbo segments with alternating (zig-zag) inner and outer points for a sure grip to reduce "walking" on the wall.

$36.00 - $185.00