Featured Products

Brick & Block Blade
14" x .125 x 1"(20mm)DP Masonry Blade
These blades are expertly manufactured to provide the highest level of performance for various masonry applications including brick, block, and roofing tiles.
General Purpose
14" x .125 x 1"(20mm) x .395 General Purpose Blade
Great Blade for all your General Purpose Jobs.
Turbo Segmented Blade
14" x .125 x 1"(20mm)DP Turbo Segmented Blade for Concrete
Turbo segmented blades are designed to cut very hard materials whether they are concrete based or masonry based. The Turbo design in each segment has notches for debris removal allowing for faster cutting action without sacraficing life. If you cut hard re-inforced concrete, refractory materials, hard brick, glazed block, split faced block, or hard stone, give the Turbo Segmented series a try.