Diamond saw blades are often the best choice for many cutting projects. So, it should be no surprise that diamond blades make the best blades for cutting concrete. Diamond concrete blades allow saws to make clean, professional cuts in concrete, it just depends on which type you choose. Discover more about how you can find the best blades for cutting concrete with our diamond blades company.

Why Use Diamond Concrete Blades?

Diamond blades are designed to make cutting through hard surfaces easier. The type of diamond blade you use is determined by the material you’re going to cut, but the composition is roughly the same.

Saw blades are manufactured with either a soft or hard bond, which determines how quickly diamonds are exposed as the blade is used to cut. A hard bonded blade exposes diamonds more slowly, allowing for better cuts on soft, abrasive materials. Alternatively, soft bonded blades expose diamonds more rapidly. This makes them perfect for harder, non-abrasive materials. This faster exposure means that new, sharp diamonds are ready quickly as you move through the hard material, preventing the material from cracking.

Diamond blades work best for cutting concrete because of their durability. As the diamonds on the blade’s surface begin to dull and wear, new diamonds are exposed, allowing for cleaner and more effective cuts. Since the exposed diamonds on the surface of the blade do the cutting, they eventually wear over time, and the blade needs to be replaced.

Choosing The Best Blades for Cutting Concrete

When cutting concrete, a soft material, it’s best to use a hard bonded diamond blade. The harder bond is better able to withstand the porous concrete, which is abrasive to the blade. In a softer material like concrete, the exposed diamonds are used completely before shedding away and exposing more.

Wet Cutting

Wet cutting blades are used for long, continuous cuts in walk-behind saws for cutting joints in concrete floors. The blade is cooled by water, which allows for deeper, longer cuts. These blades should never be used dry as it can damage the blade.

Dry Cutting

Dry cutting blades feature segmented welds that allow it to resist heat and friction without the need for water. These blades are generally used in handheld saws and are best for intermittent cuts. Dry cutting works best for short cuts, like cutting decorative designs and non-control joint cuts.

Shopping for Diamond Concrete Blades?

Knowing which blade to choose ultimately comes down to the type of project you’re working on. When you choose to buy your blades with Cost Cutting Blades, you know you’ll get the best quality diamond blades for your money. We offer a great selection of top quality diamond concrete blades in a variety of sizes, so you can get your job done quickly.

We offer a hassle-free, money-back guarantee and stand behind all of our products. If you’re not satisfied with your blades for any reason, we’ll give you your money back!