Why It Can Pay to Choose the Right Tuck Point Blades

When your project involves removing mortar from masonry joints, choosing the right tuck point blades can mean the difference between success and failure. Naturally, having the right tools is key for any job. And this is especially true when it comes to construction projects. After all, if your tools can’t stand up to the job, it can end up costing you time and money. 

As a business dedicated to serving building professionals, Cost Cutting Blades understands these challenges. This is why we test the tuck point blades and other diamond blades we provide to ensure their quality. We understand how important your work is, and we go above and beyond to provide quality tools you can rely on. Learn more about our tuck point blades to find the right choice for your project.

Find the Right Tuck Point Blades for the Job

Our tuck point blades enable professionals to clear mortar joints with ease. This, in turn, can make the process of preparing masonry surfaces simpler and stress-free. Explore our tuck point blades to find the choices that can meet your needs best.

Tuck Point Diamond Blade

These blades are tailored for tasks that include grout repair, cleaning, and routing cement mortar between the joints on masonry walls. They can remove the damaged mortar while also preparing masonry surfaces for new mortar. They feature the highest-quality diamonds we offer and are compatible with angle grinders (large and small) as well as circular saws.

Double Sandwich Tuck Point Diamond Blades

The double sandwich tuck point blade performs the same tasks as the single-blade version. It’s ideal for repairing and clearing grout as well as routing cement mortar between masonry wall joints. However, the addition of a second blade can speed up these processes. So, when you want to finish a project sooner, this can be an upgrade over the single-blade version.

Triple Sandwich Tuck Point Diamond Blades

Lastly, we have the triple sandwich version. Again, this type can carry out the same kinds of work as the single and double-blade versions, such as grout repair and cleaning. It also features the highest-quality diamonds we offer. But, the three-blade design can maximize performance by speeding up work even further than the double sandwich version. Ultimately, this can be the right choice when you want the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Quality You Can Rely On

If you know your next project would benefit from high-quality tuck point blades, get in touch with us. Call 504-581-8573 or contact us online if you have any questions about these blades or our other products. And remember that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can always feel confident when you purchase a product from Cost Cutting Blades.

Understanding Tuckpointing Tools

Not all maintenance jobs can be done effortlessly with one tool. And even when they are, they often need special tools to do the job right. After all, a shovel can’t do a saw’s job. At least—not very well. Discover what tuckpointing is and what tuckpointing tools you need in order to provide the best work possible.

What Is Tuckpointing?

Every part of the home needs maintenance to uphold the integrity and structure of the building. That even includes the mortar between bricks. The act of removing this mortar and replacing it is called “tuckpointing.” But, the thing is, this job requires a lot more than you may think. While tuckpointing may be done just to remove old, unsightly mortar, it’s also essential when crumbling mortar is threatening the infrastructure of the building. Learn what tuckpointing tools a professional needs to do the job right with our professionals at Cost Cutting Blades.

What Tools Do I Need?

Tuckpointing is a fine job that requires a few tools to be done properly, cleanly, and quickly. Grab a look at what you need as a mason to complete a tuckpointing job the right way.

  • Grinders. This tool allows you to remove mortar quickly and with precision. Thanks to how they are made, they can reach deep areas in the mortar without compromising the integrity of a building. Some grinders used specifically for tuckpointing have vacuum attachments or water hoses to decrease mess. Alternatively, saws can also be used for this job.
  • Mortar gun. This tool allows you to quickly add new mortar into the joints. It’s much faster than inserting mortar manually. 
  • Jointers. A manual way to get new mortar into joints. There are many types of jointers that masonries might have in their bag for a job. 
  • Hawk boards. These look like a painter’s pallet but instead hold wet mortar. Masonries will use these to easily grab mortar for a job. They can come in aluminum, wood, or magnesium.
  • Trowels. Trowels scoop mortar onto hawk boards for tuckpointing. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • Masonry brushes. Usually, masonry brushes clean dust from the end product. However, some pros use them to create a unique finish to their tuckpointing job. 

The Blades We Have at Cost Cutting Blades

We have a variety of blades available at Cost Cutting Blades. Currently, we have four tuckpointing products available for purchase. Three being diamond blades and one tuck point pin. Have your choice of single, double, or triple sandwich tuckpoint diamond blades and complete your job the way you really want to. Grab a look for yourself and find the right blade size for your tools before you buy.

Get Your Tuckpointing Blades Today

Ready to begin doing your job right with the proper tuckpointing tools? We’re more than happy to help you find the right blade. Have a question or two for us? Send a message online or give us a call at (504) 581-8573. We’re more than happy to help you in your search for the best blade for your job.