For cutting something as strong as metal, having the right blade can go a long way. Preparing the right tools for the job at the start will help avoid snags later on down the line. Metal cutting blades like rescue and demolition blades are the best option for cutting through metal but have more benefits than just that. Discover more about metal cutting blades with Cost Cutting Blades.

Rescue/Demolition Blades Are Great Metal Cutting Blades

As of right now, rescue and demolition saw blades are the most ideal blade for cutting through strong metal. These are designed to cut through metal and masonry for the most intense situations. You can use them wet or dry if there is no water source available. At Cost Cutting Blades, we sell two sizes of these blades. The first is our 4″-9″ size. The other blade is our 10″-16″ size. If you aren’t sure what size you need, call or message us to help find out.

Professional Dependability

These metal cutting blades are used by first responders for a reason. You can depend on them to do exactly what they need to every time. Firefighters use them to free and cut out someone if they are stuck. They trust the efficiency and quality of diamond cutter blades.

Likewise, police officers, military personnel, and construction professionals all rely on diamond rescue and demolition blades. You could, too! At Cost Cutting Blades, we rigorously test our blades to make sure professionals have the tool they need. If not, we have a 100% satisfaction policy and will take it back without question.


Since diamond rescue and demolition blades are made with high-quality diamonds, they dependably cut with ease and speed for a long time. These metal cutting blades last over 150 times longer because of the strength of the diamonds. As they are used, new diamonds are exposed and sharpened, which results in a sharp cut every time. You won’t have to worry about sharpening your blade over and over.

Versatile Blade

In projects, there is nothing more valuable than a versatile, reliable tool. Investing your money into rescue and demolition blades carries your dollar further because of the versatility of its uses. You can use this blade to cut through wood, steel, stone, cast iron, glass windshields, and more. With the wide range of possibilities, the number of times you’ll have to buy a new blade for a specific job decreases. These metal cutting blades save your hard-earned money in the long run.

Find the Best Metal Cutting Blades for Your Needs at Cost Cutting Blades

When you need to cut metal and would like to purchase metal cutting blades, Cost Cutting Blades is here to help. We manufacture our products and rigorously test them until we feel confident that we are selling our customers the best. When you buy one of our products, you are getting superior quality that will last you many projects. Ready to purchase your own diamond rescue and demolition blades? Call us at 504-581-8573, or contact us online. Give yourself the level of quality you deserve for your projects!