Whether you are a concrete or masonry contractor, diamond blades can provide the highest quality cutting experience. From preventing excessive wearing down of your blade to warding off cracks in your material, diamond blades are designed for top performance and durability. At Cost Cutting Blades, we offer the diamond standard in our products. But why should you consider these saw blades for your needs? Understanding how diamond blades are made and how they work can help you to make the most informed decision on the right equipment for your project.

How Are Diamond Blades Made?

Knowing how diamond blades are constructed can help you better understand why these products are truly the highest-standard blades a contractor can choose. Let’s start at the center with the blade’s steel core. This center supports the segmented or continuous edge of the blade. The way this core is formed, either through vacuum brazing, sintering, or laser welding, determines whether the blade should be used with low horsepower or high horsepower tools.

This round, flat core connects to the outer segments of the blade. The outer edge of the blade can be continuous or segmented and is made up of diamonds and metal bonds. A continuous rim is, as you might expect, free of segmented breaks in the blade. This means that your cut is continuous and consistent as the blade spins. A segmented blade has evenly spaced separations that allow air to pass through the blade, or water if you use this saw blade in wet-cutting applications. A contractor knows the risk of overheating a blade. But segmented diamond blades help to reduce excessive heat on the blade without losing speed or efficiency.

These segmented or continuous edges are embedded with diamonds. Why is this beneficial for use with industrial equipment? First, it’s important to understand that these diamonds aren’t the same as the mined diamonds you’ll find at a local jeweler. The diamonds used in these high-quality blades are formed synthetically to control the size and strength of each stone. These are then bonded with metal powders that are specifically chosen for different wear rates. Soft bonds like bronze are used to cut less abrasive materials while hard bonds like tungsten carbide are effective for grinding through more abrasive materials.

These diamonds are embedded into the tip of each of our blades. As the blade spins and grinds through abrasive materials such as concrete, asphalt, or even softer materials like marble, the metal powder will degrade and expose diamond edges. The edges of these diamonds help to deliver a clean, even cut. Inevitably, the diamonds will wear down with use. But as the friction files away at the diamonds, new edges and fractiles are revealed to help keep the blade sharp for extended use.

Why Does a Contractor Need Diamond Blades?

Diamond blades are designed for durability and exceptional performance. Whether a contractor is searching for diamond blades to cut through soft materials for tiles or countertops or more industrial jobs like sidewalk construction or repair, Cost Cutting Blades offers the right saw blade for the application. Not only are our diamond blades constructed for longer lifespans and consistent quality, but we also put each blade to the test ourselves. Each of our blades goes through rigorous testing to ensure quality, performance, and satisfaction. We want each contractor who chooses our diamond blades to experience the highest standard of excellence with each product we offer, satisfaction guaranteed.

We make finding the best diamond blade for your job simple. Sort through our product inventory by what equipment you are using or what material you are cutting. You can then browse through our available continuous or segmented blades to find the right fit for your project. But what if you don’t find what you’re looking for at Cost Cutting Blades? Don’t worry. While we take pride in our catalog of products, we also excel at custom blade design. Get in touch with us and describe your project. Let us know the materials being cut and what equipment your workers will be using. We can help develop a blade tailor-made for your job.

Find the Best Blades for Your Job

Let us equip you with the best tools for construction and industrial needs. If you have questions or need help determining which blade to choose for your project, give our experts a call at 504-581-8573. Or, send us a message with more details regarding your needs, and we help you find the existing or custom blade that can deliver the results you are looking for. If you are a contractor searching for top-quality diamond blades, reach out to Cost Cutting Blades today!