When people hire a contractor, they expect a visible level of craftsmanship with the results. No matter the amount of experience, a good contractor understands their work can only be so great with unreliable tools. Especially when it comes to the labor-intensive task of masonry as one is cutting through hard materials. The tradition of masonry is centuries long and the methods and tools used with this skill have been perfected over many generations. Modern masonry blades are designed to cut through masonry like brick, stone, ceramic, and tile for detail work, tile work, and precision cutting. With modern advances in blade technology, you deserve to have the best contractor masonry blades that highlight their level of skill. Learn the best blades for your contract masonry needs with Cost Cutting Blades

The Diamond Blade Difference 

When you are cutting through materials such as hard brick, you need a blade that is even harder. This is where diamond blades come into the picture. These metal and steel blades are made with diamond segments in the blade. As you use the blade, new diamond fragments become exposed. This increases the sharpness, precision, and life span beyond normal blades.

The magnificent quality of diamond blades is unparalleled and can withstand the heavy-duty demands of masonry. Once you experience the unbeatable experience of diamond blades, you wonder how you ever went without them. 

Cost Cutting Blades’ Contractor Masonry Blades 

We truly believe our selection of masonry blades can please any contractor. Our diamond blade selections have been rigorously tested to ensure our masonry blades can handle the daily demands of contractors. We currently offer three different masonry blades, all intended for different masonry tasks. 

1. Paver & Hard Brick Diamond Blades

If you need to quickly cut through paver brick, our paver & hard brick diamond blades are the perfect choices for you. These wet/dry blades work with high-speed saws and table saws. It handled head build-up from friction with a steel core. As the temperature rises, you can depend on these blades to stay cool. 

2. Refractory Diamond Blade With U-Segment

Refractory diamond blades are known to be durable, and quick blades capable of reliably spot-on cuts. This makes them a popular choice for contractor masonry blades. They can be used with high-speed saws, low-hp walk-behind saws, and table saws. Often they are used with materials such as firebrick, high alumina refractory, hard materials, and more. Currently, we offer four sizes: 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20”. 

3. Brick & Block Diamond Blades

Our final masonry blades are brick and block diamond blades. They were manufactured to be a jack of all trades masonry blade capable of completing a variety of projects. These blades cut through brick and block like a knife through a cake. They can be used with high-speed saws, low-hp walk-behind saws, and table saws with a variety of blade sizes. 

Choose Cost Cutting Blades for Your Contractor Masonry Blades

At Cost Cutting Blades, we rigorously test our blades for the best performance. We believe so much in our products we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’d like to know more about what masonry blade is best suitable for your needs, please contact us. You can call us at 504-581-8573 or message us online today. Don’t settle for anything less than diamond quality.