When your project requires masonry work, you deserve to have the best cutting tools at your disposal. Whether you need to cut through brick, stone, clay, or concrete, precision is key. And, while a professional can deliver precision cuts, the masonry cutting tools they use can mean the difference between success and frustration. 

At Cost Cutting Blades, we provide high-quality masonry cutting tools that help you get the right cut the first time. Our diamond blades are rigorously tested to provide the highest level of performance. These tools can help you save money on materials that might otherwise be wasted with imprecise cuts. And, they can also make for a speedier cut without sacrificing quality, saving you time. Learn about the excellent selection of masonry cutting tools you can find at Cost Cutting Blades.

Brick & Block Diamond Blades

Featuring a diamond rim and .125” steel blade thickness, our brick & block diamond blades are built to handle a variety of projects. They are primarily intended for use in detail, tile, and precision cutting applications. In terms of equipment, brick & block diamond blades are also compatible with high-speed saws, low-HP walk-behind saws, and table saws. Depending on the materials, they can also be used for wet or dry cutting.

Paver & Hard Brick Diamond Blades

When your project calls for cutting paver and hard bricks fast, paver & hard brick blades help you get it done right. These blades are designed for speed, helping you finish up sooner. And the steel core is heat treated to accommodate for excess buildup from the heat generated by the friction of the cut. They are compatible with high-speed saws and table saws and can be used for wet or dry cutting applications. 

Additionally, these blades feature our highest-quality and best-performing diamonds, giving you a sturdy cut that you can rely on. If your work requires cutting paver and hard bricks, this is the one to choose. Blades are available from 12” by 1.25 by 1” to 16” by .140 by 1”.

Refractory Diamond Blades With U-Segment

If you’re looking for blades that offer maximum durability and speedy cuts for several types of refractory materials, this is the choice for you. Like our paver & hard brick blades, these feature our highest-quality diamonds for performance that lasts. They are ideal for cutting firebrick, hard material, hard paver brick, high-alumina refractory, and refractory materials. These masonry cutting tools are compatible with high-speed, low-HP walk-behind, and table saws. They offer versatility that can help you get the job done. Choose options from 14” by .125 by 1” to 20” by .125 by 1” to get the right cut for your needs.

Searching for the Best Masonry Cutting Tools for Your Project?

When you need masonry cutting tools you can rely on, Cost Cutting Blades is the name you should trust. Our blades are tested to ensure quality. And they come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Call 504-581-8573 or contact us online if you have questions about our products. Get dependable blades at affordable costs with Cost Cutting Blades.