A walk behind saw is a powered or self-propelled saw that, as its name would imply, can be walked forward or backward while cutting concrete or asphalt. Professional operators use these saws in commercial and residential construction such as cutting sidewalks, driveways, warehouse floors, and more. For top-quality cuts, you need the highest standard of saw blades. Choose diamond blades for walk behindsfrom Cost Cutting Blades! We offer a variety of blades that are compatible with high horsepower walk behind saws. Learn more about the high-performing blades our business has to offer. 

Which Diamond Blades for Walk Behinds Can You Find at Cost Cutting Blades?

Diamond blades are steel-cored blades with industrially formed diamonds compressed into the edges. These diamonds have sharp fractiles that aid in cutting and grinding through a variety of surfaces. And as these diamonds wear down with friction, new diamonds and edges are revealed to ensure a clean, continuous cut.

To find the right diamond blades for walk behinds, take the material you are cutting into account. And, consider what type of cut you are trying to achieve. At Cost Cutting Blades, we offer diamond blades that can cut through a variety of materials, ranging from ceramic tile to marble and brick. When used in conjunction with a high HP walk behind saw, these diamond blades can cut through abrasive materials such as asphalt or concrete. From creating cuts in concrete or asphalt to reshaping existing joints, consider these diamond blades for walk behinds for tough cutting jobs.

High HP Diamond Asphalt Blade

High horsepower diamond blades are designed to optimize performance with high HP walk behind saws. Our High HP Diamond Asphalt Blade delivers high speed, exceptional cutting quality, and an extended lifespan for the ultimate reliability when cutting through abrasive asphalt. This segmented blade is available in eight sizes. And, it comes complete with undercut protection for the longest cutting life possible.

High HP Diamond Concrete Blade

For those looking for top-tier performance when cutting concrete, consider our High HP Diamond Concrete Blade. This segmented blade is engineered to withstand rigorous cutting applications and deliver high efficiency when cutting through cured concrete. The hard bond of these blades swiftly cuts through this soft yet abrasive material, leaving behind a clean cut. This blade is available in 12 size options with a one-inch DP arbor size, and it can be used for wet and dry cutting with high HP walk behinds.

Joint Widening Diamond Blade for Concrete

Joint widening and loop blades are designed with deep segments to help clean or widen joints or cut wide traffic loop slots. Our Joint Widening Diamond Blade for Concrete can be used wet or dry with a high HP walk behind. Three blade sizes help to narrow down your choices when finding the right blade for your job. And if you are searching for this same blade quality for cutting asphalt, choose our Joint Widening Diamond Blade for Asphalt or Early Green Concrete.

Crack Chaser Diamond Blade

For repairing or cleaning cracks in concrete or asphalt, you need a blade designed for speed and efficiency. Our Crack Chaser Diamond Blade is designed with V-shaped segments which help to increase cutting speed and extend the life of your blade. This blade can be used with different pieces of equipment from angle grinders to low or high HP walk behind saws. And with seven blade size options, you can find the right size for a variety of cleaning or cutting needs.

These are just four of our six options for diamond blades that are compatible with high HP walk behind saws. If you are interested in diamond blades for low HP walk behind saws, we have even more options available. In addition to our expansive inventory of diamond blades, we can also work with you to develop a customized blade for your project. Reach out to us for more information to begin designing your custom diamond blade!

Have Questions About Our Blades or Custom Orders? We’re Here to Help

Choose the highest quality in diamond blades. At Cost Cutting Blades, we put each of our products through the most rigorous quality testing for optimal performance. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our blades don’t meet your expectations, send them back for a full refund.

If you have questions about your options of diamond blades for walk behinds, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our helpful team can determine the right blade for your application. Or, we can work with you to develop a custom blade for your job. Give us a call at 504-581-8573 or contact us through email. For professional cutting jobs, you need professional-grade equipment. Let us introduce you to the diamond standard in industrial blades.