Despite being one of the earliest materials used by mankind, we still use stone in a variety of matters today. But where did we begin with stone, and where are we now? What tools did we use to carve these heavy, unmovable objects? And what do we use today? All of these are important questions. Knowing the past of a material you work with may help you better understand how it works and see what stone cutting tools are best for your trade today. Discover more with the professionals at Cost Cutting Blades

Where We Began

Before we had the distinguished tools we have today, what did our ancestors use to break apart stone? Well, it’s simple—they used a much harder stone. Specifically, tools such as hammerstones and core stones. This continued as time went on. We slowly progressed to a hammer and chisel, bronze tools, stone saws, helical wire, and much more. All from as early as the Early Stone Age, millions of years ago.

Despite the fact that millions of years have passed since the Early Stone Age, the same idea is still used in our work today. All with the simple thought of, “use a harder stone.” In this equation, the harder stone is Diamond. 

What We Have To Offer At Cost Cutting Blades

Of course, it may seem confusing when you look at our current tools. After all, these are blades, right? Well, yes, that’s true. However, these stone cutting tools actually have small pieces of diamonds inside of them, creating a better cutting experience. 

But how does this work? Diamond blades are made of two major parts. Specifically, the steel core and the segment. The steel core holds everything together. On the other hand, the segment is the blade and is made of two parts as well: the diamond and metal bonds. The bonds hold the diamonds in place, just long enough to get maximum use from the diamond before releasing and exposing the next layer. Due to the diamond, these blades don’t actually cut. The better term to use here is, “grind.” Thanks to these manufactured diamonds, we can get the maximum amount of use out of these modern stone cutting tools. 

If you’re looking for the right stone cutting tools, we have what you need! Take a look at various types of concrete blades, masonry blades, general purpose blades, and more. Stones come in many different forms, so get the blade you need that works best with the medium you work with. 

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