Although diamond saw blades are some of the best blades available, everything comes to an end at some point. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the life of your saw blades. Maintaining tools isn’t just a part of the job. It’s about caring for your instrument and making sure your projects go off without a hitch. Discover more with these helpful tips from the professionals at Cost Cutting Blades.

When You Get A New Blade

Something shiny and new can make us feel a particular emotion: excitement, giddiness, a willingness to just use it with everything. However, you should always ease in a new blade for proper maintenance. It’s best to make your first cut not with something hard like metal but something soft and abrasive. Doing this breaks in the blade by bringing the rim into concentricity with the arbor. 

However, before installing your new blade, make sure to double-check the arbor shaft for wear and tear. For example, try giving it a little wiggle. If the shaft moves back and forth, your arbor shaft needs repair or even replacement. Ensure you check your tools and pieces of equipment before and after every job to make sure you’re using the tool to the best of your ability.

As You Use The Blade

As time goes on, there are other small things to do to avoid issues with your blade. For example, try not to cut anything that your blade is not designed to cut. It’s better to just get another blade designed for that job. Using your blade wrong could not only ruin the blade but also cause dangerous safety hazards. 

Although, not all blades cut dry. So for a lapidary diamond saw blade, lubricant is required to ensure the job is done right. Use the right amount so your blade doesn’t suffer from misuse. As you use the blade, reduce infeed pressure near the end of the cut to avoid breaks in the blade. Automatic cut off saws will do this for you, but only when properly set. 

Of course, every blade goes through wear and tear, even as hard as diamonds are. But you want to ensure that the wear is even so your blade has a longer life. In order to do that, reverse the blade occasionally. This makes the blade even. 

Lastly, sharpen your blade by making a few cuts on a soft, abrasive material. By keeping your blade sharp, you not only provide a much better job but keep your blade living longer and cutting sharper.

Get Your Own Diamond Saw Blades From the Best

You know where to get the best blades for your projects. Now it’s your job to take care of them so they last as long as possible. 

Do you have more questions about our diamond saw blades and how to take care of them? Find the answers you need by sending us your questions online. Our staff is happy to help you as soon as possible. Make your tools last longer with help from Cost Cutting Blades.