When it comes to your business, you need the best materials you can get your hands on. For hands-on jobs, this specifically means the tools and equipment. Many positions require the use of a saw blade, whether it’s for cutting metal or something else entirely. However, are you really using the best possible blade out there, like a diamond tipped blade? And even if you do, is it the right type of blade for your job? Find out what a diamond tipped blade is and why it’s the best choice for your projects from the pros at Cost Cutting Blades

What Are They Made Of? 

While it may sound complicated, diamond tipped blades are made out of two separate components. These pieces are the steel core and the segment.

When it comes to the steel core, this segment is made to support the blade. It is typically a flat, round metal disc that supports the other segments. It is then attached to the cutting part using sintering, laser welding, or vacuum brazing. 

The cutting part of the blade is made of two components, specifically the diamond and metal bonds. The diamonds used in diamond tipped blades are synthetic, specifically because we can then control the size and strength of the diamonds. At CCB, our blades are the highest quality, just the right size, and the perfect amount of diamond to ensure you get the best cut out of your tool.

On the other hand, the metal bonds are also controlled to fit a specific mold. By wearing in just the right way, we can get the most out of the diamonds and give the best cut possible. The metal bonds do this by holding the diamonds in place so they can do the job right. 

What Makes Them The Best Choice?

Diamonds are not just a “girl’s best friend.” These minerals are also a helpful tool! Instead of cutting, these blades grind at such a high-quality rate, that it feels like a perfect cut. By getting the best product available, you’re not only helping yourself but giving your clients the best possible job.

Perfect Blades For Almost Every Job

To get the job done right, you need the perfect blade for your project. That being said, you’re in the perfect place to search for the right blade for you. At Cost Cutting Blades, we offer a large array of products so our clients can find all the high-quality blades they need in one place. Some of the blades we offer can handle:

And much, much more! Don’t know if the blade you want can handle your project? Get in touch with our professionals, and we can help you out.

Get Your Own Diamond Tipped Blades Today

When it comes to business, you want to do your best work, so clients keep coming back. So when you get one of the high-quality diamond tipped blades from Cost Cutting Blades, you’re not just doing it for yourself. You’re doing it for your customers. So, upgrade your tools today!

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