One of the main reasons for rebar’s popularity is its durability and strength. But what about when you need to cut through rebar? There are tools and techniques that could make cutting through rebar a breeze. Learn how to cut through rebar with Cost Cutting Blades

What Is Rebar?

Despite the general durability of concrete, certain pressures can quickly cause breakage and severe damage. This is where rebar comes in. Rebar is short for “reinforcing bar” and is the metal bar used during concrete pouring to strengthen the structure. Typically, rebar is buried deep within the concrete and is not visible from the surface. They make it from recycled metals with a ribbed surface to prevent movement within the concrete.

One of the most common metals in rebar is steel, as weather causes it to expand and shrink at the same rate as concrete. Often, it is laid in a grid pattern to help it withstand forces from multiple directions. Rebar is intended to reduce the risk of fractures or structure failure. Typically, rebar comes in 10- and 20-ft lengths. 

Tools to Cut Through Rebar

If you intend to cut through rebar, there are a handful of tools you can use depending on your needs. For example, rebar is cut with a bolt cutter, rebar cutter, hacksaw, torch, or angle grinder. However, the option with the most ease and availability is often a circular saw with a diamond blade. Circular saws are often one of the most common tools available. 

Many people rely on the speed and precision of a circular saw when cutting rebar. However, be cautious of kickback or sparks. You can avoid injury by utilizing proper protective gear and measuring out your cuts with markers that cannot be washed away or overlooked. Don’t force the blade as it may cut through the rebar without you noticing and continue cutting into the material beneath it. 

Why Use Diamond Blades? 

If you are trying to cut into a material as hard as rebar, you need a blade whose strength can match that of the metal bar. According to The Mohs Scale, diamonds are the hardest material on earth. With engineered diamonds built into the edges of the blades, you can trust that these blades can hold up against other strong, coarse materials. 

Diamond blades also have a significantly longer lifespan compared to standard abrasive blades. The intense demands of cutting through rebar can dull an inadequate blade while you are still in the beginning stages. However, with the right diamond blade on your side, you can dependably create clean, effortless cuts for much longer. One blade perfect for the task of cutting through rebar is a demolition diamond blade. These blades can withstand the high-pressure demands of first responders but can also be a dependable part of your toolkit. 

Ready to Cut Rebar? 

The job of cutting rebar deserves tools capable of meeting the demands of the task with ease. Some diamond blades are designed to cut through metal like rescue blades and demolition blades. These can cut through rebar like butter. If you have questions about our diamond blades, please call us at (504) 581-8573 or send us a message online. Get the tools you know can withstand whatever you throw at them.