With all the different kinds of jobs out there, there is a need for various types of blades. One of these happens to be tuck point blades. But what are tuck point blades? How do they work? It may be difficult to understand these blades if you’re not in the right industry or if you’re new to your field. So let’s go over tuck point blades, how they work, and how you can find yours at Cost Cutting Blades

What Are Tuck Point Blades For?

So, what exactly is the purpose of tuck point blades? These particular blades are used in concrete and masonry work. But they’re especially used with brick—but not to cut through the brick. You see, sometimes the mortar between bricks needs removal or touch-ups in order to ensure the structure or appearance of the wall. So these fine blades delicately remove some mortar from the bricks without having to remove them, and workers can replace the mortar with a fresh batch. 

Why Is the Work Important? 

To some, tuck pointing may not seem like it’s necessary. However, it’s essential to the upkeep of the building. Of course, there’s the aesthetic part of it. Everyone likes a clean brick wall with beautiful pale mortar. However, this mortar does more than just offer aesthetics. When the mortar on bricks is damaged, this leaves the building open to any intruders—may they be bugs, water, or other types of debris. All of which could continue to damage the home, costing more in damages and effort. But with these fine blades, workers can remove the damaged mortar and prevent further damage from continuing.

Tuck Point Blades With Cost Cutting Blades

At Cost Cutting Blades, we want you to have a variety of products to choose from. And because we know all of our clients don’t have the same needs, we currently have three different blades to choose from in a number of sizes.

Additionally, we also have a tuck point pin available. While not a blade, these pins are designed for cleaning and removing cement mortar between the joints of masonry walls. Now you can have pinpoint precision with your own tuck point pin. Say that five times fast!

Find the right tuck point blades for your company. We’re sure your projects will have the stability and precision they need to get a job well done. 

Ready to Order Your Blades?

Are you ready to tackle your job with the right blade? Choose the right one for you from our line of tuck point blades and begin achieving your goals quicker. But if you have a question for us before you make your purchase, we are more than happy to provide an answer. Simply give us a call at (504) 581-8573 or send us a message online. One of our staff will be with you shortly.