Your blade is essential to doing your job well. But if you have a blade that isn’t taken care of, your quality of work can suffer. Luckily, our professionals are here to help you take care of your stone cutting blades. Take a look at our blog and see what you can do to keep your blades in pristine condition. And, if you need a new blade, Cost Cutting Blades has the expertise you need to find the proper blade!

General Blade Care

Blades aren’t meant to last forever, especially stone cutting blades, as they’re used to cut rough materials. But with the right care, you can lengthen your blade’s life. Here are some tips to keep your blade going strong for as long as possible:

  • Install the blade properly. If installed incorrectly, a blade might break down faster, break, or cut improperly. 
  • Don’t push your equipment. Pushing a piece of equipment beyond its operating limits can lead to damaging your equipment.
  • Don’t bury your blade. Forcing your blade through a material or to the flange can cause more damage to your stone cutting blades. Be gentle. 
  • Use the right blade for the job. The right blade provides the best quality of work.
  • Ensure your equipment is working right. If you have the wrong size flanges, inadequate amounts of coolant, or more issues, you could be looking at a shorter life for your blade. 

With the proper care, your stone cutting blades could last you longer, saving you money in the long run.

Sharpening Your Blade

A blade’s job is to be sharp. But no matter what blade you work with—be it a pocket knife, a cleaver, or a diamond blade—all blades grow dull. Once a diamond stone cutting blade becomes dull, your quality of work can really suffer. Or, worse, your blade could become unusable. But how can you tell that your blade is getting dull? Some ways to see include:

  • The blade glazing over. 
  • Your blades appearing smooth. 
  • Cuts are slower than usual or bind mid-cut. 

Depending on the tool you use, diamond blades can be sharpened in different ways. For example, blades used on a table-mounted miter or tile saw can easily be sharpened and deglazed with a dressing stone. Discover more ways to sharpen your stone cutting blades with help from the professionals at Cost Cutting Blades.

Finding the Right Stone Cutting Blades With Cost Cutting Blades

At Cost Cutting Blades, we have numerous types of blades available, so you can get the job done properly with the right blade. Grab a look at some of the stone cutting blades we offer:

  • Concrete Blades. Concrete is a soft material that requires a hard bond diamond blade to provide the best cut possible.
  • Masonry Blades. Cutting through stone, brick, ceramic, and tile has never been so easy! Get the finest details with the right blade.

And these are only a handful of the many blades we have to offer. Take a look at the rest of our blades and find the right ones for you and your job.

Discover More About Stone Cutting Blades With the Pros

Do you have a question about stone cutting blades? We can help! Take a look at our helpful blog to better understand how diamond blades can make your life and job easier. Have a question for us? We’re more than happy to help! Contact us today online or give us a call at (504) 581-8573. Let us help you with what you need.