Whether you are creating a lush backyard oasis, installing a pool, or designing walkways that lead to and from a home or business, you need the right blades for an immaculate finish. With the right diamond blades, you can easily cut through different types of brick and stone to get the perfect size pieces for your landscaping project. And at Cost Cutting Blades, you can find the highest quality diamond blades for the job. Why should you choose diamond-edged blades, and which ones are right for your landscaping needs? Let us help you narrow down your search.

Why Are Diamond Blades Effective For Landscaping?

Diamond blades are crafted for high performance. These blades are rimmed with high-quality synthetic diamond crystals. These manufactured diamonds are crafted to be the optimal size and shape for effective grinding, producing a clean-edged cut through your material. Our recommended diamond blades for landscaping have serrated edges. These slots allow air and water to pass through the blade to keep it from overheating. For your next landscaping project, reach for these diamond-edged blades.

Brick & Block Diamond Blade

Our Brick & Block Diamond Blade is designed for high performance in a wide range of masonry jobs. Use this blade with a high speed saw, a low-HP walk behind saw, or a table saw. This steel blank blade easily grinds through brick and block for a clean cut. And, this blade can be used for wet or dry masonry applications. This blade is available in eight size options. 

  • 12” x .125 x 20mm
  • 12” x .125 x 1” (20mm) DP
  • 14” x .125 x 20mm
  • 14” x .125 x 1” (20mm) DP
  • 16” x .125 x 20mm
  • 16” x .125 x 1” (20mm) DP
  • 18” x .125 x 1” DP
  • 20” x .125 x 1” DP

Choose the right size for your project or consult with our team to determine the best size brick & block diamond blade for your landscaping project!

Paver & Hard Brick Diamond Blade

When cutting through paver brick, your blade may encounter high heat from excess friction. With our Paver & Hard Brick Diamond Blade, you don’t have to worry about high temperature build-up. This blade has a heat-treated steel core, usable in both wet or dry applications. Use with a high speed saw or a table saw for high quality and performance. Choose one of our three sizes or consult with our specialists to find the right blade for you.

  • 12” x .125 x 1” DP
  • 14” x .125 x 1” DP
  • 16” x .140 x 1” DP

Find Your Perfect Diamond Blades For Landscaping at Cost Cutting Blades

Ready to get started on your landscaping projects? Order our diamond blades for landscaping today! Or if you have questions about our products or an inquiry for a custom order, we’re ready to help. Give us a call at 504-581-8573 or send us a message through our website. Our customer service team is prepared to help you find the perfect diamond blades for crafting beautiful landscaping.