Blades are our business, but it isn’t the only thing we offer here at Cost Cutting Blades. We also offer an amazing array of diamond cup wheels. But what are these tools, and why are they important for your business? These essential pieces of equipment are what you need if you work with concrete or other stone products. Discover more about what you can do with diamond cup wheels and see which you can choose from with Cost Cutting Blades. 

Why Choose A Wheel?

Sometimes, stone isn’t entirely uniform or needs a few finishing touches. In these cases, you need a grinding wheel to fix the issue. These are fairly common in the industrial industry. On the other hand, not all diamond cup wheels are made for stone. Some are actually made for stripping away layers of glue. But each has their own job. You wouldn’t use a particularly aggressive cup wheel for a delicate job. You’d risk ruining the material underneath. So you have to choose carefully and with the skills you have that make you a professional of your craft. 

The Diamond Cup Wheels At Cost Cutting Wheels

At Cost Cutting Blades, we want to offer our clients the most choices so they can do their jobs right. Currently, we have four different diamond cup wheels to choose from. Take a look at our selection and find the right wheel for your job!

  • Diamond Arrow Cup Wheel. These wheels are made for removing epoxy, paint, and other coatings. You may notice a slight slant to the arrow segments. This is to prevent anything from “gumming up” the process.
  • Diamond PCD Cup Grinding Wheel. Looking to remove surface coatings like epoxies, mastic, and glue? This wheel may be the choice for you.
  • Double Row Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel. With twice the surface of a single row, these are excellent for grinding stone, concrete, and all other kinds of masonry. 
  • Diamond Swirl Grinding Cup Wheel. Swirl cup wheels feature turbo style segments. These segments allow faster, aggressive removal of hard materials, such as concrete and other masonry. 

As you can see, not all diamond cup wheels are made with the same purpose in mind! Each of these wheels has a different style, a different job, and fits many types of projects. So if you’re a jack of all trades, it may be beneficial to keep many different kinds of diamond cup wheels on hand. Find yours today with Cost Cutting Blades!

Take Your Pick Of Diamond Cup Wheels

Are you ready to make a change in the way you do your job? If so, we have the diamond cup wheels you need to upgrade your tools to the quality you really deserve! Discover more with Cost Cutting Blades by getting in touch with us. If you have a question or two, feel free to call us at (504) 581-8573 or send us your message online. One of our professionals will be with you shortly. Let’s get you the right diamond blade, diamond cup wheel, or accessories to do your job right.