When you’re in a rescue or demolition situation, you need equipment that can do the job correctly and quickly. And, you need something versatile and of high quality. But when many blades fail to meet the mark, struggle to keep up, or can only cut through certain materials, there poses a question: “What makes a good rescue blade?” Find out more with the professionals at Cost Cutting Blades and see what we can do for you with the right rescue blades.

How Do the In Our Blades Diamonds Work?

The first step as to what makes a good rescue blade has to do with the quality of the blade itself. If you use dull or low-quality blades, you could be looking at a serious situation down the line when you cannot complete your project. So you need to know what goes into a good blade in the first place.

Diamond blades are perfect for nearly every job. These blades are made out of high-quality metal and synthetic diamonds that are bonded throughout the blade. As the blade wears down, new diamonds are exposed, allowing for a sharp cut every time. This way, you get the most out of your cut, without needing to sharpen a blade again and again and again. Because of the high-quality work that diamond blades produce, we use them for every one of our rescue blades. That way, our clients get the best so they can provide their best work. 

How Cost Cutting Blades Can Help

At Cost Cutting Blades, we offer more to our clients because we want you to be able to execute your projects to the best of your ability. So when you need a good, trustworthy rescue blade, take a look at what we have to offer at Cost Cutting Blades. 

Currently, we have two different rescue and demolition blades for sale. When you’re in a difficult or even life-threatening situation, you need the right blade for the job. So, of course, we want to give our customers options! Currently, our two sizes are:

Both of these blades can be used flawlessly with angle grinders, circular saws, table saws, high speed saws, and low-HP walk behind saws. And because these can be used with so many different types of equipment and applications, you can make great use of these blades in nearly every type of rescue and demolition situation. Having variety and diversity in a blade makes for a truly great rescue blade.

Get Your Own Diamond Rescue Blades With Cost Cutting Blades

Are you ready to tackle your jobs with the right equipment and rescue blades? Cost Cutting Blades is here to help. For more questions about our blades and which might be good for your business, give us a call at (504) 581-8573 or send us your message online. One of our trained professionals will answer your questions as soon as possible! We’re more than happy to help you find the right blades for the job.