Every repair task has a right and wrong way of doing it. Success can be easier and quicker to achieve with the help of the right tools. Repairing cracks in cement and asphalt is no different, and investing in a crack chaser blade is a wise choice. Learn about the benefits of crack chaser diamond blades and why you should get one. 

Mindfully Designed

Crack chaser diamond blades are engineered with a v-shaped segment design that makes repairing concrete and getting into cracks easier. This increases productivity time while also enhancing the quality of the repair work. It cuts through cracks like you are cutting into a birthday cake. The sharper and more even cuts this design delivers are something to behold in all their glory. Typically, crack chaser diamond blades do not chip or damage the surface that surrounds the crack. 

Diamond Level Strength

Diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet, and embedding them into the wedges of your crack chaser blade strengthens it like armor. It’s not a surprise diamond embedded blades are the best design for cutting into hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt while maintaining integrity. For years to come, you’ll be able to rely on your crack chaser blade! 

Crack Chaser Blades Have Wet and Dry Versatility 

The crack chaser blade can be used both wet and dry on asphalt and concrete. A coolant is used during wet cutting to reduce friction. Dry cutting forgoes the use of a coolant. Both wet and dry cutting should factor in speed and pressure depending on what material you are using and the type of coolant if one is being used. Typically, wet cutting is for longer cuts, while dry cutting works best for short cuts. 

Crack Chaser Blades Save Money Long Term 

Not only does it hurt the visual appeal and possibly cause structural damage, but ignoring cracks in cement and asphalt can also lead you to eventually having to replace the material entirely. It is far cheaper to repair your asphalt or concrete when cracks start to break their way across the material. The time and money required to entirely replace the material after neglecting crack treatment is not an enjoyable, cheap, or quick process. It is smarter to use a crack chaser blade to prevent you from making sacrifices you don’t have to in the future.

A Blade You Can Depend On

Currently, to make your life easier, we offer one crack chaser blade you can trust. Since we passionately strive to deliver the best products to our customers, we have rigorously tested and approved them for reliability and excellence. We care about our customers and want to serve them with the best experience of our blades. Besides our rigorous testing, we also offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. The range of sizes can match your needs with one of the seven size options. The crack chaser blade can be used with a variety of machines like large and small angle grinders, high-hp walk-behind saws, and low-hp walk-behind saws. 

Buy Your Crack Chaser Blade Online Today! 

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