When you plan to work on a project that involves cutting stone, you need dependable tools that won’t let you down. And that’s where we can help. Cost Cutting Blades is committed to providing cost-efficient, high-quality blades that can take on all sorts of jobs. Because the last thing you want halting your progress is a blade that isn’t up to the task. And when you need to cut stone, you need the best stone blades that can stand up to this sturdy material. Learn more about the exceptional diamond blades Cost Cutting Blades offers. And see which of our stone blades may be the best choice for your next job.

Why Use Diamond Blades?

If you’re going to cut a hard material, it helps to use a tool that contains even harder materials. For this reason, diamond blades can provide a much-needed advantage when working with some of the toughest materials. Ranking at number 10, diamonds take up the top spot on the Mohs scale of hardness. Not only are they harder than other minerals, but they’re also known to be the hardest on earth.

And, while diamond blades are mostly composed of metal, they contain diamond segments throughout that make them stronger. Also, they actually grind instead of cutting, which can provide enhanced control over the process during use. So, when you need a blade that can cut stone reliably, a diamond blade can suit your needs.

What Are the Best Stone Blades to Choose for My Project?

When you know that diamond blades are the right choice, it’s time to choose the one that’s the best fit for the job. Prices and features can vary. So it comes down to finding the best stone cutting blades to suit your needs. Cost Cutting Blades offers two choices of stone cutting saw blades. And they are available in several sizes, from 4 inches to 16, depending on the blade.

Diamond Rescue & Demolition Blade (4″-9″)

Designed to cut through a diverse range of materials, this blade features the highest-quality diamonds available. This translates to a blade that can cut at double the speed of abrasive blades. And in addition to stone, it also works with cast iron, chains, concrete, ductile iron, steel, Re-bar, and more. And its enhanced durability means that, with proper care, it should last for many, many projects. 

Diamond Rescue & Demolition Blade (10″-16″)

Like the previous blade, these are also constructed using the highest-quality diamonds. In fact, they have all the same qualities and cut the same materials but are available in larger sizes. So, when the work could benefit from a larger diamond saw, this option makes the most sense. 

Find the Best Stone Blades for Your Next Project at Cost Cutting Blades

When you need quality, dependability, and efficiency from your stone blades, Cost Cutting Blades delivers. We manufacture our own products and have painstakingly tested each diamond blade advertised on our website. So, when you buy a diamond blade from us, you can have peace of mind knowing it’s built to last. Want to experience the superior quality of our diamond blades for yourself? Give us a call at 504 581 8573 or contact us online and start your next project with the right tools for the job.